Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lost in Space...

Due to computer problems (ie. It just won't turn on, on demand, but will sometimes start 4 hours later) I haven't been able to blog. So catch you later when either a)it miraculously fixes itself, b) we find the money to buy a new one c) I figure out how to upload photos to my IPad... Bfn

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter sewing...

Anyone got chocolate overload today?! Think I'm due for a long walk today!

I've been promising the kids new PJ pants for ages. The joys of four kids is that you promise to make one child a set of pants after finding, say, some Star Wars fabric, and before you know it you have four to's got to be fair apparently!

So here's the fabric, before...

And here's my attempt at photographing four kids, of different heights, in their new PJ's, without showing their faces. Pathetic photos, but anyway!(I spared you the butt shot!)

I just pair the pants up with a cheap shirt from Kmart..probably do some applique on them at a later date.

So for about $10 they all have new PJ's and the thing I like best about these is that my 7 and nearly 9 year old boys aren't in Pj's that have skulls, graffiti, etc on them. Why does most boys fashion have to have these things??

And I finally got my March block done for the Travelling Circle Bee I'm in. Cute hey?

Hope you're enjoying your 4 day weekend! I'm spending an exciting morning grocery shopping and planning a new reception desk for hubby's new work (I tell you it never ends!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

(Sunshine Boy's Lego creation)
Hope you all have a great Easter - we had a very early start with much excitement about Easter eggs!

We are now on the four week countdown until our new work building is complete. It is totally taking up all our spare time PLUS! Choosing colours of cupboards by poor light at 12am sounds like a bad plan, but sometimes it's the only chance we get to make decisions.

I haven't been doing any sewing or crafting. But I have been buying some fabric, so I hope to get a chance to play with these soon!

(some re-released Heather Baily Freshcut and I think the other range is Ooh La La??)

Have a great week!