Monday, July 30, 2012

A weekend away..

Last weekend I went away for a Christmas in July retreat with my good friend and a bunch of lovely quilters. As I left my hubby was making jokes about the weekend being all about eating and talking, and unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me, but to prove I actually made something, here are some photos. I finally got my Spiked Wheel blocks together from the Travelling Circle Quilt Bee. I chose to do a pieced green and grey border with a blue square in between.
And here is a photo of the quilt in it's entirety..the colours aren't so great in this photo.
I'm still trying to figure out whether I add more borders, straighten up the edges, etc etc My friend and I also organised a Christmas project for everyone to do. We had bought some gorgeous Theodora Cleave buttons and this is my finished project.
But now it's back to reality as I wash my third load of washing, and finish off cleaning the bathroom.I hope you have a good week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quick Curve Ruler

After seeing some great quilts around, added to my love of a "gadget", I bought myself a Quick Curve Ruler. I've been having a play with a layer cake and a pattern called Urban Birthday, and these are a few of the blocks layed out. (does anyone else have to take a picture of their layout in case little people suddenly run through the middle??!)
And here they are sewn up......
It probably needs a border of some sort but I will contemplate that for a while. The curves were quite easy to sew and the squaring up of the blocks help it all come together, though I must say that getting the lines to meet up between the blocks was quite a challenge.(for me, anyway..maybe for the less slapdash personality it would have been fine!) But the block I really want to try with my new ruler is here. I think that looks amazing! Hope you're having a good week!