Friday, April 30, 2010


I have a deadline for the Rural Jardin quilt I am's three weeks away but they are three very full weeks so I have been desperately working on it every spare moment.

Unfortunately it is not going well..there has been much unpicking in this household.

Unfortunately, also I have three sick little boys.

Which leads me to this picture...

Me trying to unpick some quilting whilst my baby does his impression of a baby koala. (don't worry I gave up and gave him a cuddle..after I finished that line of sewing, of course! :-))

Here's hoping for a better quilting day today...though at the moment that same baby koala is curled in my lap as I type, so might not happen!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Photos from Bourke

Some photos from a recent trip to Bourke to see family..

They have had piles of rain (that's the scientific word of course.."piles") so they have lots of grass, like the photo above. Now I grew up on the Far North coast of NSW so that doesn't look like heaps of grass to me..but it's all relative!

Some Corellas nesting

The Bourke wharf..

A sunset over one of the huge irrigation dams..

An amazing playground in Moree, that the kids actually managed to make hubby turn around and go back to play in.. heaps of fun!!

And the stunning Sawn Rocks - huge hexagonal you see in crystals but each hexagon is about 50cm across.

Definitely worth a visit..though might be worth avoiding the family we came across who shouted at their kids for the entire walk in and back. Kind of spoilt the whole 'back to the serenity of nature" thing.
They had three little boys and think it must have beeen a looooooonnnnng trip!

But I shouldn't comment too much as my delightful third child announced very loudly to me (ie within earshot) that, "that lady needs to go on the Biggest Loser"..which probably didn't improve the mother's frame of mind, and made me say a few cross words of my own! Just when I was thinking a bit superior about my own parenting skills...

Kids...keep you grounded don't they??!!

Have fun!

The dramas of froglet ownership!

I must say, I hadn't really kept up on the tadpoles development so it was with great surprise I went to have a look and one was missing!! A desperate search ensued and sure enough, under a toy box, there was "Taddy', who had gone for a little hop... tail and all!

A sigh of relief all because they had found their beloved pet, me because I had this vision of finding a smelly squashed frog under one of the Tonka trucks, 6 months later..

So here he is safe and sound...wonder where you can get one of those tracking bracelets for a wrist that is 3 mm diameter...??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A giveaway..

My friend Jewells is having a giveaway - a gorgeous Christmas kit - and you have a whole 8 months to stitch it so why not head over and enter away?? Just go to here
And after you've visited I bet you start searching for old silver spoons like I have!
(and why the cows...well, why not?? I took this photo to show the children that even the cows could stand still and pose..unlike them!!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So 6 Ohio Stars later plus 2 Charm Packs of Rural Jardin and this is what I have come up with (borders pending...)

I am not much of a quilter but think that I might have a go quilting this myself.

The other big news in our household is that we have a few new additions. My daughter is doing a frog project and a friend just happened to have these wee creatures. I don't mind frogs but I think these are a little creepy looking with those little back legs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

This week...

These are my creations for the week..six ohio stars to eventually go with my Rural Jardin charm squares and some playgroup craft. A bit cute hey?
Happy Easter everyone!!