Saturday, April 10, 2010


So 6 Ohio Stars later plus 2 Charm Packs of Rural Jardin and this is what I have come up with (borders pending...)

I am not much of a quilter but think that I might have a go quilting this myself.

The other big news in our household is that we have a few new additions. My daughter is doing a frog project and a friend just happened to have these wee creatures. I don't mind frogs but I think these are a little creepy looking with those little back legs.


  1. Hi Sheryl!!

    That quilt looks sewing skills here whatsoever beyond sewing on buttons (my crafty sister was shocked when she needed to sew a loose strap onto my niece's dress and discovered we only had white or navy blue cotton to choose from) so I'm very impressed.

    Yes, blogging is becoming strangely addictive...but I have started before and fallen off the wagon. Never sure how much I should put "out there" to the www either.

    Did you really post this at 3.52am??

    Nice to catch up, chat again soon!

  2. Well clearly the clock is doing strange things since it tells me my comment is happening at 4.38am!!

  3. Oh I just love your quilt, the colours are gorgeous. It's been a long time since I've seen tadpoles that are frogs not cane toads :o)
    toni :O) xxx

  4. Lovely quilt Sheryl. Making me feel like I need to do something.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, Sheryl. I look forward to seeing your quilting.

  6. Your quilt top is gorgeous! Aren't those fabrics luscious?