Monday, September 10, 2012

A revolting story made cute (?) by illustrating with Giant Microbe plush toys from

For the last few weeks our family has been battling this
Flu ..and just when I thought we were over it and back to a state of wellness we were visited by..
stomachache ..and...
I'm not going to name this one but maybe you can guess! With three boys sick it has been a long week. Meanwhile nothing has been done around this house. No sewing, no housework to speak of. So this week I have to tackle getting rid of these visitors..
dustmite ..and in my bathrooms..
mould and get back to my exercise routine to get rid of..
fat cells But in the spirit of Pollyanna, at least we weren't visited by...
gangrene and
flesh eating virus Hope you have a good week. it just me, but who would buy these toys for their kids??