Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry, but is this the cutest things ever? My fourth child just happens to be blond with curls..definitely different from my first three brunettes bubs.But in particularly can you see that perfect single curl on the crown of his head...makes me smile every time!

Today, in the mail, arrived a recent ebay purchase. I have always wanted a double wedding ring quilt and I saw this antique (? how old does it have to be to be antique..this one has lots of 1930's prints but also some machine quilting amongst the hand sewing) one being sold on ebay and figured I could buy it for less than what I could make it for!
So sure enough, it arrived in the mail and my first reaction was "wow"..followed by "umm, there is a few rips that weren't mentioned" and then I started to notice a smell....and lets just say, I think that at some time this quilt may have had a 2 pack a day habit. The cigarette smoke smell, is horrible! That smoky smell is one I hate so, and you will probably all be horrified, I have washed it. It still has a residue of smell but I am hoping that some good country air will do wonders for it!

But,in my best Pollyanna impersonation, the colours are gorgeous (notice how nicely it goes with the baby's blue room?) and some of the prints are so sweet. It even has some seersucker patches...reminds me of my Grandma's pillowcases!

So cross you fingers that the smell will disappear and all will be OK. And I think I have learnt another valuable lesson about buying from's only about my 2ooth!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am currently playing around with a couple of things, in between watching copious amounts of the Australian Open and feeding the kids (we have four, ages 1-9) and ignoring the housework. Last year I bought myself two 'turnovers' and a 'jelly roll' in the Fig Tree Patisserie line and have so far managed to make 20 Churn Dash-like blocks and am now trying to figure out the sashing and borders. So in the picture you can see a couple of the blocks and my probable sashing. It's my own design and I'm holding my breath to see how it will all work out..hopefully OK.

The other thing I have been spending some time on is making a block for my Sue Ross BOM. I must say it was one of those impulse things.. I love the designs of Material Obsession and when they said they were doing this BOM I jumped on in. Well, so far 5 blocks have arrived and I have made a grand total of zero. So I have decided to start on the block with the needle turn applique design..have I ever done needleturn before..umm, not really. Am I mildly crazy? Possibly! The other blocks have all got lots of lovely handpiecing, set in seams, curved pieces..have I done much of any of these things before? You guessed it, no again. So this will be one huge learning curve and hopefully my skill levels (or stress levels) will be radically increased!Have a look at to see the fun I am about to have. This lady has blanket stitched hers but you get the idea. ( I would insert a link but have no idea how to..sorry)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi! This is my venture into the world of blogging. I'm hoping, as I share my love of quilting, that I will inspire myself to finish some stuff!!

To start things off with a postive note, here is a photo of my first finish for the year. I bought a Wee Play jelly roll and had fun whipping this up for a new bub that has been born. No real pattern..just a basic nine patch with a border. There is still heaps left over from the jelly roll, so I hope to make another little quilt from the left overs some time soon. (in the photo you can see a set of grubby fingers and probably equally grubby chin - this belongs to no.3 child... I always wonder whether i will end up with one of my children on a psychiatrists couch someday saying, "and she dragged me into quilt shops on my holidays and made me hold up quilt tops for hours to see if the colours worked".. ;-))

And then of course, to add an element of realism to this blog, I will show you some fabric I have purchased for a project "some time in the future"..I intend to use only the blue and greens in one quilt- with a few others from my stash..and the pinks/oranges at a later date. (cough that ends up being a well used phrase...) These fabrics are Ginger Blossom from Sandi Henderson... nice aren't they?
Well, I'll now press the "Publish Post" button and see how I go..