Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today, in the mail, arrived a recent ebay purchase. I have always wanted a double wedding ring quilt and I saw this antique (? how old does it have to be to be antique..this one has lots of 1930's prints but also some machine quilting amongst the hand sewing) one being sold on ebay and figured I could buy it for less than what I could make it for!
So sure enough, it arrived in the mail and my first reaction was "wow"..followed by "umm, there is a few rips that weren't mentioned" and then I started to notice a smell....and lets just say, I think that at some time this quilt may have had a 2 pack a day habit. The cigarette smoke smell, is horrible! That smoky smell is one I hate so, and you will probably all be horrified, I have washed it. It still has a residue of smell but I am hoping that some good country air will do wonders for it!

But,in my best Pollyanna impersonation, the colours are gorgeous (notice how nicely it goes with the baby's blue room?) and some of the prints are so sweet. It even has some seersucker patches...reminds me of my Grandma's pillowcases!

So cross you fingers that the smell will disappear and all will be OK. And I think I have learnt another valuable lesson about buying from's only about my 2ooth!
Have a great day!

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  1. The quilt is just lovely Sheryl, I've always wanted to make one too but know I'll probably never get around to it. I hope the smell disappears, maybe try adding a little lemon juice to the last rinse in the wash? Or maybe you're right and a good airing will help. Hope so, it is a lovely quilt.