Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am currently playing around with a couple of things, in between watching copious amounts of the Australian Open and feeding the kids (we have four, ages 1-9) and ignoring the housework. Last year I bought myself two 'turnovers' and a 'jelly roll' in the Fig Tree Patisserie line and have so far managed to make 20 Churn Dash-like blocks and am now trying to figure out the sashing and borders. So in the picture you can see a couple of the blocks and my probable sashing. It's my own design and I'm holding my breath to see how it will all work out..hopefully OK.

The other thing I have been spending some time on is making a block for my Sue Ross BOM. I must say it was one of those impulse things.. I love the designs of Material Obsession and when they said they were doing this BOM I jumped on in. Well, so far 5 blocks have arrived and I have made a grand total of zero. So I have decided to start on the block with the needle turn applique design..have I ever done needleturn before..umm, not really. Am I mildly crazy? Possibly! The other blocks have all got lots of lovely handpiecing, set in seams, curved pieces..have I done much of any of these things before? You guessed it, no again. So this will be one huge learning curve and hopefully my skill levels (or stress levels) will be radically increased!Have a look at to see the fun I am about to have. This lady has blanket stitched hers but you get the idea. ( I would insert a link but have no idea how to..sorry)
Have a great day!

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