Monday, April 19, 2010

Photos from Bourke

Some photos from a recent trip to Bourke to see family..

They have had piles of rain (that's the scientific word of course.."piles") so they have lots of grass, like the photo above. Now I grew up on the Far North coast of NSW so that doesn't look like heaps of grass to me..but it's all relative!

Some Corellas nesting

The Bourke wharf..

A sunset over one of the huge irrigation dams..

An amazing playground in Moree, that the kids actually managed to make hubby turn around and go back to play in.. heaps of fun!!

And the stunning Sawn Rocks - huge hexagonal you see in crystals but each hexagon is about 50cm across.

Definitely worth a visit..though might be worth avoiding the family we came across who shouted at their kids for the entire walk in and back. Kind of spoilt the whole 'back to the serenity of nature" thing.
They had three little boys and think it must have beeen a looooooonnnnng trip!

But I shouldn't comment too much as my delightful third child announced very loudly to me (ie within earshot) that, "that lady needs to go on the Biggest Loser"..which probably didn't improve the mother's frame of mind, and made me say a few cross words of my own! Just when I was thinking a bit superior about my own parenting skills...

Kids...keep you grounded don't they??!!

Have fun!


  1. What a FANTASTIC playground. My kids want to go for a drive RIGHT NOW! *lol*. We are seeing more Corellas around here lately, we usually have Cockies & Galahs. toni xxx

  2. Love all your photos..this will go on the have to visit someday list! That playground is amazing!!!

  3. I love your photos Sheryl, some amazing natural sights out there!