Monday, August 15, 2011

Out on our own...

Leaving behind temperatures of 14 degrees (Celcius that is), Hubby and I headed off to Hamilton Island last week.But the important part of the story is that...we left the kids at home!! (not alone of course, my lovely Mum and Dad came to help)
Whilst Hubby sat insided listening to some radiography lecture, I was left to do this...

..and whilst sitting on the beach I read some great books - including The Help, which I highly recommend. In complete quiet..uninterrupted...sigh...

We went out for a glass bottomed boat ride and was fortunate enough to be out whilst a whale went past..

and then we realised it was a mama whale with her bub!

We also got to see a big turtle and Dory from Finding Nemo..or maybe it was one of her relatives...
And whilst we were away a package arrived for me from Jayne - my swap partner in the Oz Material Girls Christmas in July Swap. Look what she made me!

How cute is that bird applique?

Thanks's great!

And the big news in my family is that I have a new niece, Sophie Elyse. After a bit of a scary start - being medivaced to Brisbane at one day old - it looks like all is fine and she should be home soon. I wish I lived closer to go and breathe in that newborn smell but alas I am too far away. I hope to meet her soon.

Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. glad you had a nice time away.........special relaxing time.........

  2. Birds are cool. I think I would have them everywhere if I was crafty...
    Glad your break was good. I read The Help for book club a year or so back, and it was a good read. And there's a movie of it about to come out too.
    Also very happy to hear all is well with little Sophie, hope she is pooing like a trooper now!?