Monday, September 12, 2011


A little background...
Each year I like to make my Gorgeous Girl something for her birthday. (see previous efforts here.)She turns 11 on Thursday so late last week I grabbed my left over scraps from a Sherbet Pips quilt I have started and decided to make her a bag. In particular a bag to take to her sewing class that she goes to at our LQS.

Now, I've made a bag all of once before, but I thought, hey, how hard could it be?? and set off without a pattern. I like to think of this fitting into my spontaneous trait..other's may think of it as the poor planning part of my personality!

Everything was going swimmingly - nice little pockets on the outside to hold a ruler...

Pockets on the other side to hold rotary cutter, scissors etc..

and a little pocket inside that some may think looks like it would hold a mobile phone, but since I am an old-fashioned mother who thinks that 11 is too young to have a mobile phone, will be where a packet of tissues could live. (yes that's right, I give my 11 year old a rotary cutter but say no to a mobile phone...the world is full of contradictions, isn't it!! ;-)

Then I came to realise that all of my bag wadding inside this bag was creating a bit of "bulk", and worried how I was going to attach the handles (as I intended to make fabric handles)..sewing through 6 layers was going to be a nightmare. And then I saw these...

They have little punched holes on the handle attachments that makes it easy to sew onto the outside of the bag. No having to attach them through the top seam. Yay! So I happily finished off the bag and then went to sew on the handles. And then I sew them on with nice red thread meant that on the inside I was going to have very obvious red stitches on the lining! Ahhhh!! I then realised that probably I should have sewn the handles in before sewing the rest of the bag together..doh!

Does anyone have any solutions (besides unpicking the outer and lining layers??)


  1. looks about a button on the inside in each place that you stitch the handles on.....the holes in the button will probably be about the same space apart as the holes in the handle......a few stitches through handles only to secure them and then a few stitches through both the handle and the button....yes, I do LOVE buttons, but I think it would work :)

  2. Love your bag - such gorgeous fabrics. I agree with Liz, I have had to do this before with bags - sewing on buttons. Maybe you could get clever and sew them on with a little clasp for key chains as well, so it looks like it is purely functional?