Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Wishes

I am running a bit late (or are incredibly early!)but I hope everyone had a tremendous Christmas. Normally we travel for Christmas but this year we had to stay put because of my husband's work (but thankfully managed no call-outs on the actual day!), so it was a very relaxed day with just the kidlets, hubby and I.

Before Christmas I received these lovely ornaments in the mail...

..from the lovely Claire...

..and from the equally lovely Kay (I actually received two of lucky am I??)

In our online quilting group we participate in a Secret Santa swap (think I've mentioned that before!) and this is the goodies I received..truly spoilt by Alex.

(my favourite flowers are sweetpeas, so especially love the mug)

Lots of handmade goodies - beautiful work by Alex...

(must remember to hide those chocolates.)

So as I sit typing away, I can hear the thumps on the floor of the kids playing their new Wii game, the Boxing Day Test (cricket) playing on the radio and the TV - hubby is cleaning the shed and runs in to see the highlights and I have the washing machine running hot, cleaning clothes from last weeks holiday.Don't you love Christmas Holidays?!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. What beautiful gifts! I love the little button trees, how cute!