Friday, March 9, 2012


For February the block for our Travelling Circles bee was a Flying Geese Circle block...that's right, paper pieced.

Now I had tried paper-piecing once before with a completely disastrous result, so when I saw this block I just sighed..and put it on top of the piano (my dumping ground for current sewing projects). And every couple of days, I would pull it out, look at it..then quietly put it back in the bag and ignore it again. (To be afraid of material seems a little irrational but it's been a really crap month!)

This continued until I was way late. Now I'm a fairly punctual person and so now I was no longer just afraid of the block, I was letting other people down. It was driving me crazy.

So finally, with some good advice from the lovely blogger at Gone Aussie Quilting(who doesn't know me but who I begged advice from), I set out and made a test quarter block. It went..ok...

Then with a little bit more confidence I finally made my block. Yes, I did a lot of unpicking and yes I made a few mistakes that the other poor quilter will just have to live with (ie not trimming back two seams and noticing it after I had pieced all the quarters!)

But it's done and that's the main thing. Yay! And I'm sure there's a metaphor for life in there somewhere but my brain is too full of school fetes, kid's activities, and work to figure it out.

So have a good week.

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