Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some photos..few words

Hexagon flowers for the latest round of the Travelling Circles Bee. Very scrappy and lots of fun. The flowers that I was presented with as I got off the plane after going to Darling Harbour Craft Show with Gorgeous Girl again this year (no photos of the actual trip as we forgot the camera!) Iron Man made from Duplo by Sunshine Boy A quilt now winging its way to the US for a friend's wedding present. (One of her favourite colours is burgundy) My takeaway coffee wondering it kept dribbling down my chin! For someone who normally wears their food down their shirt anyway, I think this was just cruel!:-) Hope you're having a good week. Our school holidays start on Friday and we're off to my parent's farm for a week or so (or until basically the grandparents start to look a little "frayed").Catch you when we get back.(and if anyone can tell me how to get the formatting back on paragraphs, labels under photos etc, I would greatly appreciate it!)

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