Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anyone else a bit chilly??

With a sudden dip in temperature, it's been perfect weather to sit in front of the heater knitting. I finished off my scarf for hubby, and he's now requested a beanie. Because this is a step up from my straight scarf knitting, I bought this book at the local Post Office. It's a great book for a newbie knitter like me. Lots of pictures and help with stitches and abbreviations in knitting patterns.
So with book in lap for reference, Ipad on couch for the pattern, I made a headband/earwarmer from the wool I got at the Craft show for Gorgeous Girl. The pattern is free from here
Unfortunately I didn't have the equivalent book for crochet as those skills are a bit (as in very)rusty!
Gorgeous Girl must have liked it though as she wore it to school today.(only true sign that a near teenager likes something!)
Hope you're having a good week! I hope to get some quilting done this week but I've just been presented with two balls of wool from Little J, with the words 'Can you make me a scarf tonight, Mum?' . So we will see....


  1. My mother in law is a really good knitter, and she made one of those ear warmers for Rosie not long ago. It's beautiful. Sadly, Rosie's (ungrateful) response to this lovely gift was a straight out refusal to wear it. I just wish it was big enough to fit me!

    Thanks for the book recommendation though, I need something like that to move beyond the world of scarves!!

  2. ALWAYS a plus when your daughter wears something you made (or bought) for her to school.. a VERY rare occassion indeed... enjoy the moment!

  3. Frozen! I'm really feeling the cold this year. Nice headband.