Friday, August 23, 2013

Scrap Reduction Project

I belong to an online quilting group and we decided to have a 10" fabric square swap. So whilst digging through my rather mortifyingly extensive fabric stash, I came across a whole pile of pastelly fabrics that I've been moving from one place to another for a long time. So I thought I would be organised and at least sort them out and iron them, rather than having them stuffed in a green bag. And then I had the bright idea to run them through my Go Baby Cutter and cut them all into tumbler shapes..because that way they would be more organised and smaller to store. And then, because I hadn't ever sewn anything using the tumbler shapes, I thought I might just sew a few rows together.... And then I started to think about what would be a good size for the quilt to end up...and realised I didn't have enough fabrics in those colours. So then I went and bought more fabric....

And it all began with a fabric reduction exercise...


So this is what I have so far...

I like how the tumbler shape fits together so easily.

My latest knitting finish is this beanie...made for me but stolen by Gorgeous Girl!

And a little story..
The other day I went out and Little J, who had been painting outside, had painted a heart on the wall. 'Are you allowed to paint anywhere but on the paper?", I asked him. "No.", he replied. "So why did you?" I asked him. "So that everyone who visits, knows we love each other!"

How can you get cross with that? :-)

Hope you have a good week..

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  1. He is definitely off the hook with that one.....very cute. Your tumblers look good. Unfortunately stash busting often ends up with the purchase of more fabric.