Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spring, birthdays, crochet...

Wow, spring has hit with a vengeance! Between sniffing and rubbing my eyes, I've enjoyed watching the flowers bloom.

I pretty much finished my first ever crocheted blanket...if you don't look at all the starts and ends I need to weave in!.....
It's made from a merino/alpaca heavy and warm! (just in time for summer...typical!)

And I've been trying my hand at jam making with some surplus strawberries. Any hints on getting it to set more and not have the fruit float to the top??

The smell of it cooking was divine...worth all the mess!

We've also had another birthday in our family and so here's Gorgeous Girl's cake...
It's Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory in a ball pit (a famous episode for the those who don't watch the show!) We managed to survive having eight 12/13 year olds for a sleepover....thank goodness!

Have a great week!


  1. I have a big bang fan here too............great cake...........happy birthday Miss........

  2. Fab cake....I might copy that idea.

  3. Thanks for popping over and taking the time to comment on my blog today... :)

    Your garden is looking gorgeous at the moment - don't you love Spring!!!

    For your first attempt, your blanket is simply DIVINE!!!

    Strawberry jam is a favourite in my home - I find that when I make it it doesn't set like marmalade does, due to the level of pectin in citrus compared to berries, but it still sets all the same... If you add water maybe you could cut that out and add some lemon juice to the mix next time - but I'm definitely no expert... :)

    Take Care - Jodie

    p.s. love your labels... ;)