Monday, October 14, 2013

Finish-a-Long - 4th Quarter

After a momentous finish of ONE thing from my list from last quarter - London Calling- here I go's my list with no real expectation I will finish anything in the busiest part of the year!

1. One baby quilt to be quilted and bound.

2.My travelling circle bee quilt needs borders, quilting and to be bound.

3.Another baby quilt that needs quilting and to be bound.

4.These blocks need to be joined together in some fashion and then made into a quilt.

5.And these blocks too..

That's a hilariously long list but wanted to be positive! :-)

Hope you are having a good week!


  1. Come On- you can do one! That last one looks like it could even be considered Christmas-y! You've got great projects to work on- all beautiful!! Dropping in from Q4 QAL.

  2. All so close, I'm sure you can do it. Lovely, lovely baby quilts.

  3. You'll get there! They are all gorgeous projects. Just remember this is meant to be an enjoyable pastime not work!