Saturday, January 25, 2014

definition: Menagerie = My house

Through some particularly poor planning by me (never promise that a child can buy their own pet, if they save 'x' dollars, without considering that they might actually make it,at the same time as their younger brother gets a pet for his birthday) we now own a puppy by the name of Ruby. A Tenterfield Terrier she is already showing some of the breed's 'spunk' as she attempts to take on our two cats and bunny who are all at least two to three times her size. Currently she is just getting her ears boxed. Hope that continues!i>

The kids of course are loving her to bits. Ruby is absolutely tiny..approximately the size of little J's shoe!

On the sewing front I managed to finish this's for a quilt by Cherry Pie Designs

And even though I am not buying any new fabric this year, I may have conveniently signed up to a fabric club last year, so am still getting some fabric lovelies in the mail. I am really enjoying receiving these fabrics from The Home Patch.

Hope you are having a good week!

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  1. Ruby looks so sweet. It is definitely a double edged promise......they usually can save for something they REALLY want. I love my fabric club too, especially good for projects with small pieces.