Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New things, old ideas

So February saw my youngest start school - leaving our house very quiet for 6 hours...and extra loud as four over-tired children get home.

Our puppy, Ruby, continues to grow...and assume control over our house...

Also, hopefully, in about two weeks, this broody hen will have done her job and we should have new chicks. This is our first attempt at hatching eggs...bought fertilised and sent through the post (!)...so hopefully we will have success
I wish I could capture her attitude and how "flat" she makes herself in an attempt to cover and keep her eggs warm.

Recently Gorgeous Girl asked me to make a gift for a friend. So she pulled out some fabric,
and with a little applique...
we came up with this...
(sorry that the pillowcase isn't centred properly!)

One year I made all Gorgeous Girl's friends pillowcases for Christmas and I am chuffed to still see some of them heading off with the girls on school excursions.

Anyway, hope you have a good week!

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  1. Starting school is an exciting time, how are you going with it? Hope you have a little more sewing time for yourself. Having chicks is so much fun, but I didn't know you could get the eggs through the post. We got our fertilized eggs from the schools at farm.....though it's a bit of a lottery!