Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winter is here...finally..

So it finally feels like winter has hit us after a very mild May and June

The poor old trees and plants don't know what they are supposed to be up to, with a bit of rain and the last weeks of warmth.

Life has been chaotic here with sick kids, end of financial year stuff and the usual bits and pieces.

Unfortunately we had a nasty visit from some roaming dogs two weeks ago and we found our two beautiful bunnies dead. Gorgeous Girl was, understandably, very upset but decided that little bunny hugs might make her feel better so we welcomed Ivy and William into the family. They are already affectionate little things and very sweet.



We are off on holidays next week so hopefully I will get a bit of time to do some crafting?! (after I finish the 15 sparkly skirts I need to make for a school dance performance!) So hope you have a good week. Stay warm, put the feet up and enjoy a warm beverage..

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