Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Back to school..

Well, we have one confused puppy dog today as the kids have all headed back to school. Ruby can't figure out where all the noise and chaos has gone...she keeps wandering to Boo's room and back again...

Last year my lovely friend Alex, of Aunty Lily's Vintage Wares, needed some vintage sheets. I had a lovely time scouring the local op-shops for her and to say thanks she made me this beautiful pincushion. It was a wonderful surprise to get in the mail!

Beautiful lace!

Hoping to put it to good use sometime soon.

And under the category "things that amuse my weird sense of humour ", this is a headstone at our local cemetery. Every get that feeling that your family are just waiting for you to die??

Or alternatively, they may have buried him alive???!! 😳

And with that thought..hope you have a good week!



  1. Poor little Ruby. My little dog is an it older, I think she's looking forward to the peace and quiet. Lovely pin cushion.

  2. That is an odd headstone but it was probably cheaper to have it engraved now rather than later.Still odd. Poor puppy. I bet she gets excited when the kids get home. Cute pincushion.