Friday, October 23, 2015


On the last school holidays we headed off to travel the Great Ocean Rd. It was a lovely trip with beautiful scenery, even if it did involve lots of driving...4500kms approximately. By the end we had a very low tolerance of any "are we there yet" type phrases....ha ha

We saw lots of fields of canola as we whizzed past.

So after a quick overnight stop on the way, our first place to visit was Ballarat. After a quick detour here ..

We then headed off to Sovereign Hill...a recreation of a Gold Rush village. Great place to take the kids...historical, educational and fun!

There is an area to pan for gold, here's our haul...

Not quite enough to buy that private jet yet! *grin*

Then we headed off to see the beautiful scenery of the Great Ocean Rd.
Some environmental art...

Apollo Bay. We stayed at some self contained cabins there which were wonderful.

The Twelve Apostles. Unfortunately only 9(?) still exist. Huge amount of tourists were here at the same time as was a case of "dodge the selfie stick"!

Bay of islands


Griffith Island Lighthouse, near Port Fairy. 

And then we finished off at Halls Gap and did some of the walks in the Grampians National Park

Fish Falls.

If you are a bush walker it would be great to stay a week in Halls Gap alone, unfortunately we were only there for two nights and had to leave early the second day to head home.

Anyway, hope you're having a great week. I've have four quilts back from the quilters, so there is binding in my future......I hate binding! Any volunteers??

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  1. I love the Great Ocean Road. Although I haven't been there in over twenty years it still looks magnificent. Send your binding up to me, I love it!