Saturday, September 18, 2010

Didn't anyone ask for more frogs??

Are you over the frogs??? Frog PJ's, frog cupcakes and now a frog cake for Gorgeous Girl's birthday party tomorrow. I must confess I bought the frogs and all I had to do was stick them on the cake (and make a few reeds)

And we have lots of froggie things for the party bags. (and for my daily rant - when did party bags become a "must have" at birthday parties?? I have had kids , two minutes after getting in the door, ask, "When do I get my party bag?"!! And also, when did pass-the-parcels have to have a "surprise" for every child at the party? - in my day, there was one surprise in the middle...anyway enough of that..just thought I'd share my deep thoughts for the day! :-))
And, assuming you are sick of frogs, here is a local native who has returned now the weather is starting to warm up. Nice to have him keeping down the insects in our garden but must say, he does give me a little scare every time I see just his head dart thru the grass! (this is a blue tongue lizard, for the non- Aussies - so called, obviously, for his bright blue tongue. Sorry, no picture of said tongue, as he wouldn't poke it out on demand!) Hope you're having a good day!

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