Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More frogs...

So you spot one frog...

..and before you know it, you turn around and they're everywhere!! LOL..

(cupcakes for Gorgeous Girl to take into her class tomorrow..oh, and some extras for friends who aren't in her class..and an extra for the teacher and the teachers aide...oh, and can there be one for the school librarian??... it was at this point that her mother said enough, as there are over 500 kids at her school and I had visions of cooking all night!)


  1. Can I have one please?.. trying to work out what the frog is made of.. white marshmellows cut in half for the eyes, but what is the green (marshmellow?), the red mouth and the dots in the eyes?....cheers!

  2. They're amazing, you are so clever!

  3. hahaha they are absolutely gorgeous!