Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My favourite Christmas decoration..

We have started to get organised and have put up the Christmas tree and spread a few Christmas Decorations around. I love nativity sets and here is my favourite..

It's a Little People set and I love that I can set it up on the TV cabinet and the kids can play with it to their heart's content. None of this "don't touch" business!

And I also love the giggles it gives me when I go past and find Baby Jesus on the roof, riding the camel or going past in the back of a Tonka Truck. In the busyness of Christmas a bit of a laugh goes a long way! Hope you're preparations are going well and that you're getting the chance to stop and remember the importance of that first Christmas!

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  1. Ooh, my sister just offered to buy Rosie this for Christmas and I turned her down! (since I had previously given her a list of other things I thought would have more year round use). But now I have seen how cute it is, I'm regretting that decision. Although she also told me that when she went back to the shop again, they had sold out of them. So obviously many other people also think they are cute....