Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another handmade ornament..

As mentioned before, I was in an ornament swap with some friends and so I received my other ornament yesterday. It's this really cute Christmas tree, which my baby has taken quite a shine too - I keep finding his Thomas the Tank Engine using it as a roundabout! I must put it up higher so he can't touch! :-)

I also had a late night up making this cushion as a part of a Secret Santa gift. I hope the recipient likes it!

I can't believe that Christmas is 3 days away. The lead up to Christmas this year has been so hectic and chaotic that I really haven't got into the Christmas spirit. It's a shame as I usually love Christmas. Next year hubby and I have already decided that we are staying 8 hours drive with 4 kids, no trying to figure out how to get certain gifts 800kms away, no trying to fit in with other family member's traditions. Just us, our kids, our space....sounds like heaven!!

We will see if it actually manages to happen! *smile*

Anyway I hope you all have a great Christmas and start to 2011. See you in the new year!


  1. Have a great Christmas, Sheryl. Praying for safe travel and plenty of family to relieve you of overtired children when you need it over the next few weeks. Thanks for following my blog this year, it's been great hearing what you've been up to! Take care xx

  2. Had to smile at your comment about "next year"..
    all the best...cheers!

  3. travel safe.......I have a bit of rotation staying home some times and travelling others..............although all our travel is in one day................180 round trip at a few places not 800kms........

  4. I love your cushion, I bet the recipient was just thrilled with it. Very cute Christmas tree ornament too!

  5. hi i love your blog and i also love the cushion that you made the fabrics are beautiful,i think your secret friend will love this.
    cheers shez