Monday, March 21, 2011

A lovely day out...

Once again this year I went to...

That's right..Girls Day In the Country!(too bad for any of the male crafters out there!!)Run by the lovely Kerry from Cottage on the Hill and our tutor for the day was the wonderful Anni of Hatched and Patched.
The two projects we had to choose from were a wallhanging..

And a woollen purse..

Mine ended up a little less random than Anni's sample - wish I could have done it like that, but I'm not much good at random! :-)

It was a great day, catching up with fellow quilters- especially the lovely Lzi, who promised us all she would do a blog post soon...

Have a great week...all the best!


  1. Oh! Sheryl, you have captured the day PERFECTLY! Love your photos and your purse looks SUPERB...have you started the wallhanging yet?...yes, I am joking!

  2. I have worked out who you are now and which one you were...........glad you had a great your purse......

    ...Lzi is under pressure now.........

  3. Looks great Sheryl. Wish I could have been there.

  4. looks like you all had a lot of fun,well done love your projects.

  5. I love your "Cottage on the Hill" purse. How very clever and appropriate.

  6. Love your purse! I was there on the purse is not finished LOL

  7. Love your version of the purse!!!

  8. Those are very cute! I think the non-randomness is fine...