Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday..and other exciting stuff...

Recently I had a birthday. I turned 37. I was very excited to turn 37 as, for some reason, I thought I was turning 38. This was until my Gorgeous Girl heard me tell Boo I was now 38 and she did the maths for me. So that was a nice surprise and I'm now all mentally prepared to turn 38 next year (unless of course I think I'm turning 39!)

We were on holidays for my birthday, so I nicely came home to lots of packages from the lovely ladies of my online quilting group. Here's a bit of what I was sent.

My lovely friend Mel outdid herself and made me a doorstop (pretty sure it's a Hatched and Patched pattern). How cute is this? the button flowers, and the trees on the side, etc etc.

And Gorgeous Girl made me a cushion at her class that she goes to at her local quilt shop..she didn't show me anything until she gave it to me. Just asked if she could ferret through my material and as per usual I said, "Sure! Just don't use any fabric that appears to be in a kit and don't get lost in all that stuff as I'm not coming in to find you!" (it's important to set the ground rules!) Don't you love that she's even quilted it with stars?? (now that I know she can machine quilt, she's got a lot of work to do next holidays!!)

I was also a winner of a giveaway at Narioka. I chose from her shop this gorgeous little dress. I was tempted to squish my boy into it..just because I thought he would look cute, but his father is funny about me doing stuff like that so I will save it for a niece's birthday present.

I really love that fabric!

Have a great week. I'm off to Adelaide with Gorgeous Girl on a school excursion. I'm hoping to lead a bad example and slack off and head off to quilt shops that I've never seen before. Wish me luck!


  1. happy birthday.......lovely gifts.......have fun in Adelaide........enjoy searching out the quilt shops.........

  2. Happy birthday! Some great pressies there, and how nice of your daughter to make the cushion for you!
    If you get a chance to escape from the kids in adelaide - go to Hetties Patch or Patchwork by the Sea - lovely shops!