Sunday, October 9, 2011

One for a wish??

My blog name is from a childhood poem my dear Mum used to say to us when we sneezed.
One for a wish
Two for a kiss
Three for a letter
Four for something better.

When I announced I was having bub no. 4, the reoccuring comment was 'Are you crazy??!!". There were very, very few comments of "Wow, that's great! You'll love it!" LOL This seemed to be especially as our Boo (no. 3 child) was just about to head off to school and people thought I should be looking forward to "freedom". I was feeling sad that my toddler looking after time was over...

So this poem popped into my head as I was thinking of a blog name, as I found "four was something better".

Bit of a stretch in thought processes, but that's how my brain works!!


  1. Certainly hoping here that four will be "something better!" Although as the year has gone on, I have started to get more excited about it....not long to go now :)

  2. Great story...and a lovely thought!

  3. Wonderful story! And blessings for your new or soon to be new child.