Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas gift..

My Gorgeous Girl gave me this lovely bag (that she made herself!)for Christmas.

The pattern is Amy Butler's Birdie Sling and it's quite big..which is great for me as I'm always lugging half the house with me!

I think she is such a clever duck and I love it!

For Christmas I also got some jewellery from hubby, a banana chair from my brother and other goodies from the kids. A favourite gift was a set of disposable wine glasses from Boo (who's 6) that he bought at the church fete - completely off his own bat with his own money. When his older sister gently said 'but Mum doesn't drink wine', he stated "well, I think she should start!" LOL

Happy New Year! We've had a bit of a traumatic start with the death of three little chickens (out of 6) by a fox, I'm thinking. The older three survived thankfully. They were pets more than anything so the kids are a little devastated. Poor munchkins.

Hope it's not a forecast of the year ahead... ;-)

Have a good week!


  1. Great gift! She certainly takes after her Mum quilty-talent-wise. Very sad to hear about the chicks. It is good that three survived.

  2. Love the bag, isn't she a clever girl...I managed to stitch a little fabric loop onto a felt toy of Rowan's last night so it could hang on his playgym and I thought that was a big achievement for me (!).

    Sorry to hear about the chooks though, that fox sounds very greedy :(

  3. always love to see kids sewing....

    ....we had major tears before Christmas and lost about 8.......including the last 5 they had hand raised..........but we had a good excuse to visit out chook friends and we replaced them with 13 others.........