Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not much sewing going on around here. It's school holidays so my days consist of constantly feeding children, constantly telling children to pick up their shoes/towels/toys, breaking up fights and keeping up with the laundry (I'm sure they've taken to wearing three sets of clothes a day!)

It's exciting stuff.

I have also had a serious case of the "blahs" but thankfully, due to deadlines,I have made three things.
Two bee blocks..


Dresden plate for Melinda (this is my second attempt. The first turned out teeny compared to everyone elses...why, I wonder??)
..and one birthday cake.

It's supposed to be a dog...the kid's at Boo's party thought it was a koala...No, I'm not bitter at all... :-)
But in case you're wondering they didn't get the piece with the marshmallows and smarties...

This week (and quite a few weeks previous to this one) I have also been desperately trying to toilet train my three year old so that he can start pre-school next week. You would think that after four children I should have some idea, but he has me beaten. I think I have tried it all..bribery, explaining that he can't start pre-school until he can "go", a bit of crankiness and more bribery. No success.

I am worried if he doesn't get it together then he won't get to start pre-school on time, then he will have to start later than the other kids, they will already have made friends, he will be a social pariah and end up being one of those adults who live in a virtual world online as they have no social skills.

ahhh.. the pressure.

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  1. I've seen that dog cake somewhere before...is it from the Women's Weekly cake book? Chris made a dog cake for Rosie's birthday last year, but he decided to make up his own design so we ended up with body, legs, tail and bone as well as the dog's head. It looked pretty good...

    Sorry to hear toilet training isn't going so well, I'm assuming he knows what he has to do and is just being stubborn about it? Hope he comes good, you'd think with seeing his older siblings going all the time he would see the benefits of leaving the nappies behind!?