Monday, February 6, 2012

The eternal quilting optimist...

In life I am quite the pessimist. I justify this by thinking that by preparing for the worst I am being well prepared for whatever life may throw at me.

In quilting I am the opposite. What I think I can achieve over a day/week and what I can actually fit in, are two very different things!

So last week when I said I would be back with a quilt top 'in a week or so' - that was me being delusional. :-) (and just quietly I thought I could get the quilt top finished, start a Swoon quilt (as I just joined some quilt-along) and thought I could catch up on my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt.) Yep, delusional. I think I might have forgotten that I had four kids, that BAS's are due (tax stuff)and not quite expected the 180mm of rain...

This is what I actually managed to get done this week..

..and so..being a bit more realistic..expect me back with a finished quilt in about oh, 4 weeks or so...

And on a good note, Jay (my youngest) made it to pre-school and managed no 'accidents' and has had a really good week, as far as the toilet training goes. I'm am starting to see a future with no nappies...which will be the first time for about 11 years! I'm looking forward to it..and the added money into the budget!

Hope you have a great week!
PS. A quote for the week - Unless life also gives you sugar and water, it's going to be pretty crap lemonade! :-)


  1. Anytime spent stitching is an achievement - but especially with four children! Love your blocks - go easy on yourself. P.S. Life without nappies is bliss.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love how you've combined so many prints but the finally effect isn't busy. And don't worry about not being fast. I've cranked out some tops pretty quickly and by the end I was just working to get them done and not enjoying it at all. I'd rather enjoy the process.