Monday, August 27, 2012

When buying online comes back to bite you...

I buy a lot of my feature fabrics online as they are a lot cheaper and mainly because I don't have to drag kid's into quilt really ruins the whole experience! And I can do it at 11.30pm at night, when I have time to think! But unfortunately there is nothing like being to hold different fabrics up together to see it they really 'go'.
I bought these three fabrics to make a quilt for my little boy. I thought the bugs in jars fabric was really cute, but not too babyish, and so I bought a blue solid and some little leaves to go with it. However, the computer screen doesn't always show true colours... And the scale is very hard to pick.... So this is the fabrics when they arrived.
As you can see that blue doesn't go at's very turquoise really and the scale of the leaf print is way off! So back to the LQS I go in search of the perfect blue...and might have to rethink those leaves... *sigh* But on a cheerier note, I think I've enterred a new stage in my life! I really dislike trying to make a decent looking birthday cake, and the fact I seem to do them at midnight. Well Sunshine Boy had a birthday and my daughter not only made the cake, she iced it too! Yay! I'm intending to never make another birthday cake again (is it wrong to make a child make their own birthday cake??)
I think she did a good job..shame there is no such things as blue Skittles ..(and it had to be dairy -free so we couldn't use Smarties) Hope you're having a good week!


  1. Never might have to go and buy more fabric! Your daughter has done a marvellous job on the cake.