Thursday, May 23, 2013


It's started to get quite chilly here, all the leaves have changed colour, and the heater...which never quite managed to get put away after last winter...has been back in full use.

I've really caught the knitting bug lately and have enjoyed having something to mindlessly do whilst mindlessly watching television...can you tell I'm into things that don't tax this frazzled brain. So I finished my stripy scarf (Paton's Rainbow Yarn) - just need to thread in a few ends. I can't find a wool needle in this house to save myself so will have to go and buy another.
And I thought to increase my knitting skills I'd try something a little harder and made this one for Gorgeous Girl. It's an alpaca and acrylic mix wool from Spotlight and it's lovely and soft.

Next in the queue is one for hubby. I asked him if he would actually wear it and his reply was "if you made me one, I might", so we will wait and see!

Hope you're having a good week.


  1. I am currently knitting my second scarf (for Rosie) after I finished one for myself a couple of weeks ago. Your post a few weeks back inspired me to get going, thanks!

  2. Yes, scarf knitting can be quite therapeutic. It's definitely cold earlier this year.

  3. Your children are growing up fast Sheryl. Love the knitting, I am not a great knitter despite growing up with my Mum knitting quick as and without looking.