Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Not much sewing going on around here, but still a bit of creating....

One birthday cake for my 5 year old. He chose the Alien out of the Birthday Cake book, and it was a very suitable choice for my "out-there" boy.

I did, finally get started on some borders for this quilt that I started ages ago at a quilting retreat. Still need to put on another plain tan thin border and then I am going with a largish border in the green print so that it covers a queen bed a bit better.

Such an easy quilt to put together and the fabrics are just beautiful!
Hope you're having a great day!


  1. Your cake turned out great, I love it! You've certainly captured his expression! Love your quilt too - I think I made the same one from the same fabrics but only had one border so it is only a generous single size. It would make a lovely double size.

  2. Sheryl, I love this quilt pattern. I have made 2 quilts from this pattern but your fabric is just stunning. I'm in love actually. Well done.