Monday, June 14, 2010

No time to sew but...

Lately life has been pretty busy around here. Four kids, four head colds, lots of rain, mountains of know, just the usual.

I have also been busy making 200 of these for a Women's Conference that our church was putting on for the Diocese.

But just because I haven't had time to sew, doesn't mean I haven't had time to shop! The internet has opened up a whole new world for mother's who previously would have thought it was too hard to venture out to the shops with kids in tow! Now if only someone would open up a patchwork shop called "Coles' or 'Woolworths" so that I didn't have to explain to my hubby all those purchases on the credit card statement!Here are some of my latest goodies....

Some groovy socks, a honey bun and a layer cake from Busy Thimbles and this great book, Simple Comforts by Kim Diehl. It's a great book so if you are a quilty inclined person, it's worth a look!

And my exciting new is that I have had two blog wins. I won my choice of a great pattern from Toni from here! How much fun are these lovely ladies?? Have a look at her other patterns sometime, she is one clever chickadee! I was also reading the Busy Thimbles blog and found out I had won a charm pack from them! Yay..what a great week!

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