Monday, June 14, 2010

A frog update

A couple of weeks ago, after a few desperate searches in the toy room for missing frogs, we decided that our pet frogs were old enough to venture out into the big bad world.

To make this transition easier, the kids decided that they needed a pond to call their own (it's amazing what a nine year old girl can talk her father into doing!).So into the front garden a new pond went, under the LillyPilly bush.

And of course they needed their own little frog places to stay (it says "Frogtel", in case you are wondering.) Wonder if there were little slug masseuses?

And finally, we released our frogs and froglets.

One little froglet lasted in the pond for a couple of weeks but the other frogs haven't been seen since. They decided not to take up the luxurious accommodation offered and are hopefully happily hidden in the garden somewhere. Good luck froggies!!

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