Friday, June 18, 2010

Two blocks and one book...

Two more blocks finished for my Sue Ross BOM! I am particularly proud of the circular one..curved piecing and I survived. I received the finishing kit for this quilt yesterday so now know what it looks like. Lots more work to go before this one is completed.

This book is another great book to join my quilting library. I don't usually buy books but I had seen a couple of quilts made from this book that I loved and at $27 from the Book Depository it's cheaper than buying two patterns.

I spent one day this week at Eisteddford, watching two of my boys, in their classes, reciting poems. Definitely fun to watch and I marvel at the kids ability to be so poised and remember it all, at age 6! But I think the biggest applause should go to the teachers who have to try and keep a whole class quiet for a hour or so as the other schools have their turn! :-) In these days when most parents have a DS or similar in their bags if the kids are going to have to wait for 5 minutes, this is quite an achievement! By the time the awards were given out our kindy kids had their ties half off, shirts untucked, hair everywhere....very different from the neat as a pin picture they presented as they walked in! I'd have pictures but of course you aren't allowed to take photos of the kids as they do their poems - darn Privacy Act!!

Hope you're having a good week!

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