Monday, July 5, 2010

A pincushion...

This is the pincushion I recently finished. If I was a good blogger I would tell you about where I found the tutorial online - but it was so long ago, I'm afraid I'm not sure! It is one BIG the following photo it is next to one of my treadle sewing machines...

Sure is going to hold some pins, isn't it?? :-)
And when I say 'one' of my treadle sewing machines, I only have two. One is the one that I received as a lovely surprise from my hubby and kids for Mother's Day many moons ago. Another is one that I 'accidentally' bought on ebay - I was watching an auction and thought that it was going for too I put in a bid on help out the seller..yes, I know that doesn't make sense and it's easier for all if I don't try to explain it! Well, of course I won it..then we had to try and figure out how to get it back from Sydney!
So picture this, two small kids, a pregnant woman, one patient husband, an antique sewing machine,assorted kid paraphenalia and all the luggage in one station wagon. I have this feeling I was nearly in the lotus position as lots of our 'stuff' had to be under my feet (the only space left), but do you think I dared to complain once... :-)
So I have two beautiful Bebarfald Bluebird sewing machines, that are currently tucked away, never opened. Too many little sticky destructive fingers at the moment!


  1. Wow, that is one massive pin cushion! Looks great though, love the fabrics you used.

  2. What a beautiful pin cushion, love the machine too. Must say I did have a giggle thinking of the return trip home, but hey what's 6 hours of leg cramp compared to a gorgeous old machine!