Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to finally finish...

I have been thinking, in the midst of doing the laundry, making food and chasing children, that I really must get to and finish the quilt I started for my niece a couple of years ago.

My poor nieces - neither have ever received a quilt, even though there was one started for both of them - whilst all my nephews (bar the latest little one) have received theirs.

Here are the 'nephew quilts"..sorry that the photos are a little's hard to take a photo and yell at kids to stand still at the same time...and most of these are from when my lot were a lot littler.

This is B's - been thinking I need to make him another as he's 8 now and a bit old for eyespy's I'm guessing!

This is Sam's..I madly sewed those applique rockets whilst waiting to hear if he was going to be OK. He was born with cystic fibrosis which resulted in a blocked bowel before he was even born and had a rocky start to life. Making this let me feel like I was actually doing something for him, as being 7 hours away, I couldn't physically do anything to help. It's a pattern from The Red Boot Quilt Company I'm not sure if Toni still sells this pattern but I'm guessing if you wrote her a really nice email...

And this is A's.. more eyespys..had to use up those fabrics!

Looking back on these it looks like I go for bright fabrics for boy quilts, but I'll have to show you my boy's quilts sometime..much more subdued countryish colours.

Now off to find those long-forgotten blocks, for my niece..must be buried here somewhere...

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