Friday, August 6, 2010

Jonah..and the what??

A couple of weeks ago it was my turn to teach Sunday School so I made up a craft to go with the bible story of Jonah and the whale.I gave each 5-7 year old a whale to cut out, instructions on how to cut a flap so that you could see Jonah inside the whale, and lots of things to put "around" the whale to finish the underwater scene- seashell foam stickers, glitter, crepe paper for sea weed, etc etc. And then let them go with it.

Well, this is my son's. Sure there is the whale, but what else can we see?

A shark..well, that's fair enough in the sea - definitely classified as ocean life..

Jonah, looking a little unwell and saying "I hate rotten fish" I suppose he's getting into the story, right??

And then my gorgeous boy, dressed in a scuba suit, spear fishing!!

(and another little scuba man yelling "shark"..well, actually he's yelling "shak" .. but I',m guessing there were no spell checks in Jonah's time, so we'll go with shark.)
Don't you love a nearly seven year old boy's take on things...and of course not a bit of glitter, fancy stickers or crepe paper in sight! Too "girly' apparently... - my "inner" 7 year old girl gave a big sigh...

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