Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday morning

Want to have a sticky beak at what I've been up to??
(one of our four "ladies", Peep)

I've been making these for breakfast..

Looking at beautiful might have to look carefully!(these little drops all came together to make a bit of a flood!!)

And making a test block for a quilt that has been rumbling around my brain..
I think they are OK - now to make 23 more... but it will have to wait as we need the dining room table (where my sewing machine is set up) for dinner. (revolutionary, isn't it??! Actually using the table for what it was intended!) 3 days of the kids eating at the coffee table was fine, but we have a guest coming and I think it might be rude to ask him to sit cross legged at a 1.5m x 1m table! :-)
Have a good week!


  1. Oh! Sheryl....LOVE the block...what is it going to be when it grows up????

  2. nice block...we all have that dining table issue at times!

  3. Lovely... cant wait to see more

  4. Your photos are lovely. And breakfast looks yummy! I agree with Cardygirl - we all have that issue, even though I do have a sewing table. Luckily I live alone so can even eat in bed (horror! how slovenly!) when it is cold!