Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little, useful, something...

My friend Lzilulu makes gorgeous things for littlies, and I recently bought this stylish "Nappy Pouch" off her.

It's designed to conveniently hold several nappies for your nappy bag but I've discovered it's great for an "emergency kit" and it nicely holds, in this one little pouch, a spare nappy, nappy sacks, wipes and a sipper cup. Would probably fit a bandaid or two and some tissues as well, and then all the usual mothering type emergencies would be covered.

And it's still small enough to fit into my usual handbag - yay!

Now if there was space for a hip flask, then it would solve most of my child related emergencies too! ..what do you think Lzilulu??

1 comment:

  1. OMG! You could have warned me about this one :) You make that nappy pouch soooo resourceful!! Thank you! hmmmmm....perhaps you need one of the up-cycled denim ones with the pocket on the front.....just the right size for a hip flask :)
    cheers lzilulu xox